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    Fix broken flake8 configuration · f09efeead7f9
    Sylvain Thénault authored
    and flake8 errors which were hidden by this breakage.
    flake8 --filename options doesn't work as expected:
    * it's expected to be a shell pattern, using stdlib's fnmatch.fnmatch function
      internally. This funciton thinks that 'cubicweb/x.py' doesn't match 'cubicweb/x.py'
      (there must be a reason but that's not the point), hence no file was actually
      checked ;
    * as this is a list of pattern, each encountered file is checked against each
      pattern, leading to run time explosion.
    So maintain list of files to check in a separated file and give this list to
    flake8 using unix's xarg command.
    branch : 3.24