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    [ldapfeed] make code compatible with ldap3>=2 · 5a9d1e64f505
    Julien Tayon authored
    * Some constants have been renamed.
    * Directly bind when data-cnx-dn/data-cnx-password are provided, some servers,
      including ours require this.
    * Use raise_exceptions=True to avoid ignored ldap errors
    * raise in case of failed anonymous bind
    * do not search for "dn" attribute because this raise an "invalid attribute"
      with new ldap3 versions
    * Password is now returned as bytes, so no longer need to encode them before crypt.
    * modification_date is now returned as a datetime object
    Co-Authored-By: Philippe Pepiot's avatarPhilippe Pepiot <philippe.pepiot@logilab.fr>
    Closes #16073071
    branch : 3.27
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