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    [vreg] move base registry implementation to logilab.common. Closes #1916014 · 2a3c1b787688
    Sylvain Thénault authored
    A new logilab.common.registry module has been created with content from
    * cw.vreg (the whole things that was in there)
    * cw.appobject (base selectors and all).
    In the process, we've done some renaming:
    * former selector functions are now known as "predicate", though you still
      use predicates to build an object'selector
    * hence `objectify_selector` decorator is now `objectify_predicate`
    * the top level registry is now `RegistryStore` (was `VRegistry`)
    Also there is no more need for the @lltrace decorator.
    On the CubicWeb side, the `selectors` module has been renamed to `predicates`.
    There should be full backward compat with proper deprecation warnings.