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    Rely on cubicweb-skos's extid2eid mapping during LCSV data import · 960c8c66cfc2
    Denis Laxalde authored
    We drop monkeypatches and hacks introduced in 49d118aa8254 in 2016 which
    were supposed to be transient waiting for a cubicweb-skos release which
    came a long time ago now.
    Now we build the extid2eid dict before importing LCSV concept schemes
    and pass it to store_skos_extentities() so that it will be re-used for
    all files instead of re-built. Both lcsv_import and lcsv_check functions
    are updated, as the latter is used in test_dataimport.py as a kind of
    "mock" but must respect the former's interface. Also note that we now
    have to update 'extid2eid' dict after creating a new concept scheme
    (with init_seda_scheme()): while this sounds perfectly reasonable, I
    don't completely understand how this works without this before...
    We update requirement on cubicweb-skos so that the latest release is
    used (though some previous release would probably work as well, but I'm
    not sure which and it's not so easy to test).
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