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    [pkg] Version 0.6.0 · 8b1ab5688cc6
    Nicola Spanti authored
    - Python 2 support removed.
    - File cubicweb-rqlcontroller.spec seemed to be usefull only for
      Python 2.6, so we removed it.
    - We use mainly Debian 10 "Buster" that ships python3.7 for
      python3, so we consider that we won't support previous versions
      anymore. This cube is maintained just a bit and users should
      upgrade, so it does not sound a problem to remove support for
      things that should be upgraded.
    - With the same logic, the current last version of CubicWeb
      (3.27.3) is now required. In fact, the needed code in CubicWeb
      is not yet in a version, so it is not accurate, because the
      next one will be needed, but we would like not to wait to
      publish a new version of rqlcontroller.