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    Implement Oauth2/OpenID connect authentication · 91ffaee83231
    Philippe Pepiot authored
    Using standard flow and confidential (client_id/client_secret) access.
    test_full_login() might be a good entry point to understand the authentication
    How to test this with keycloak:
    * Create a new client using url http://<your-local-hostname>:8080
    * Set Access Type to "confidential" with standard flow enabled
    * Get client_id & client_secret from the "Credentials" tab
    * Enable the oauth2 cube to your project
    * In all-in-one.conf set oauth2-enabled=yes,
      oauth2-client-id=<client_id>, oauth2-client-secret=<client_secret>
    * Start your instance, go to login page and click on "Log in with Oauth2"