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    Docker: add required files to dockerize Fresh cube · 42bbf4dcc56d
    Nsukami Patrick authored
    - update __pkginfo__.py and use cubicweb[pyramid] '>= 3.26.0, < 3.27'
    - update README file
    - update setup.py to read from README.rst not README
    - install from Debian Buster as base image so that we can use Python 3.7
    - install current source code for fresh cube
    - install additional requirements from docker/requirements.txt
    - add docker/entrypoint.sh to define available entrypoints for the instance
    - add docker/pyramid.ini.j2 that will be used to create the instance
    - add docker/uwsgi.ini that will be used to start the instance
    - add .dockerignore file to build a smaller image