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chore(pkg): new minor release (0.46.0)

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## Version 0.46.0 (2021-11-16)
### 👷 Bug fixes
- correct some bug introduce with typing
- uncorrect depreciation.rename attribute to rdef instead of role_rdef
### 🤖 Continuous integration
- integrate pytest-deprecated-warnings
### 🤷 Various changes
- [types] removed Union[str, 'RelationSchema'] to only RelationSchema
- Add check-manifest tox configuration
- add logo
- Add python_requires and python3 only pypi specifier
- autopep8 and manual modifications to please pep8
- backout the removal of construction_mode
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename _RDEF_PROPERTIES to _RELATION_DEFINITION_PROPERTIES
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename _REL_PROPERTIES function to _RELATION_PROPERTIES
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename afterrelname as function argument and viarable to after_relation_name
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename bsd inner variable to bad_schema_definition
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename etype as function argument and viarable to entity_type
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename etype class attribute to entity_type
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename function internal variables
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename insertidx as function argument and viarable to insert_index
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename maxsize as function argument and viarable to maxsize
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename perms as function argument and viarable to permissions
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename rdef as function argument and viarable to relation_definition
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename rname inner variable to relation_name
- buildobjs/abbreviations: rename toobj/fromobj as function argument and viarable to to_object/from_object
- check-manifest: we need to exclude .hgrc instead of pruning it
- ci: add mypy and black in gitlab-ci
- declare that yams ship type annotations
- depend on new deprecation functions from logilab-common >= 1.6
- doc: generate api doc using sphinx-apidoc
- doc: trigger readthedocs build on successful build
- Drop debian python2 packaging
- Drop dependency on six
- Drop py27 tests from tox configuration
- Drop rpm packaging
- drop unused function
- error should not pass silently
- fix after README rename
- fix: add another condition to please mypy
- fix: correct keyword arguments for call
- fix: include docs/* in
- fix: include logo in
- fix: invalid code in python3
- fix: has been replaced by datetime.strptime
- flake8: Manuel correction to make flake8 happy
- gitlab-ci/fix: forgot to pass TRIGGERED_FROM_OTHER_PROJECT variable to other pipelines
- gitlab-ci: add py3-from-forge pipeline
- gitlab-ci: initial wrapper around tox
- gitlab-ci: makes curl fails on bad http code and display it
- gitlab-ci: only trigger readthedocs on branch/default
- gitlab-ci: refactor to use except:variables instead of bash if
- hgignore: exclude tox mypy_cache and egg-info
- make schema argument of ERSchema() and RelationSchema() mandatory
- manifest: Fix trailing slash not allowed
- misc: dekwargs ObjectRelation.__init__ a bit
- misc: dekwargs ObjectRelation.__init__ a bit (by lpeuch)
- misc: remove super old backward compatibility code
- misc: remove usless code
- misc: rename variable to avoid shadowing builtin
- misc: simplify code
- mod: force string convertion to please mypy
- mod: remove unused types
- mypy: add type declaration for RichString
- mypy: add typing in
- mypy: add typing in
- mypy: partially type AbstractTypedAttribute.__init__ declaration
- mypy: type and add
- mypy: type all class.etype of all AbstractTypedAttribute subclasses
- mypy: type
- mypy: type
- mypy: type
- mypy: type
- mypy: type
- mypy: type
- mypy: type
- mypy: type
- mypy: type
- pkg: require python >= 3.6
- pkg: Version 0.45.3
- py: Minor fixes for test/
- py: Unrespect PEP8 a bit less
- reader/abbreviations: rename all internal variables
- reader/abbreviations: rename defobject function argument to definition_object
- reader/abbreviations: rename erdefs function argument to entity_relation_definitions
- reader/abbreviations: rename extrapath class attribute to extra_path
- reader/abbreviations: rename filepath function argument to file_path
- reader/abbreviations: rename method _load_modnames to _load_module_names
- reader/abbreviations: rename modname function argument to module_name
- reader/abbreviations: rename modnames function argument to module_names
- reader/abbreviations: rename remove_unused_rtypes function argument to remove_unused_relation_types
- reader/abbreviations: rename schemaclass class attribute to schema_class
- README: point to online documentation
- README: rename to proper suffix rst
- refactor _actual_types()
- refactoring: de-kwargs AbstractTypedAttribute.__init__
- refactoring: de-kwargs RichString for IDE and typing
- refactoring: remove magic that could conflicted with IDE
- refactoring: swap condition to remove indentation
- Remove inheriting from object
- rename abbreviation in test
- rename: all those entity_type are actually entity_schema
- Replace exclude + recursive-exclude by "prune" in
- schema/abbreviations: rename EntitySchema.objrels private attribute to _object_relations
- schema/abbreviations: rename EntitySchema.subjrels private attribute to _subject_relations
- schema/abbreviations: rename erdef to entity_relation_definition (breaking change)
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument attr to attribute
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument cstrtype to constraint_type
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument desttype to destination_type
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument etype to entity_definition
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument etype to entity_type
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument iface to interface
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument includefinal to include_final
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument newname/oldname to new_name/old_name
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument obj/subjschema to object/subject_schema
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument rschema to relation_schema
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument rtypedef to relation_type_definition
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument skiprels to skip_relations
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument subjectschema/objectschema to subject_schema/object_schema
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument subjtype/objtype to subject_type/object_type
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument takefirst to take_first
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument targettype to target_type
- schema/abbreviations: rename function argument ttype to target_type
- schema/abbreviations: rename rdef and variants to relation_definition (breaking change)
- schema/abbreviations: rename RelationSchema._subj_schemas/_obj_schemas to RelationSchema._subject_schemas/_object_schemas
- schema/abbreviations: rename rtype and variants to relation_type (breaking change)
- schema/abbreviations: rename Schema.eschema to Schema.entity_schema_for
- schema/abbreviations: rename Schema.rschema to Schema.relation_schema_for
- schema: always be "strict" when building a Schema and raise on unknown names
- schema: purge to abbreviations! But only inside functions (backward compatible)
- schema: raise BadSchemaDefinition instead of AssertionError
- schema: use f-strings in exceptions
- serialize: remove unused code
- style: remove useless exception
- test: add flake8 env to tox.ini
- tests, flake8: autopep8 on tests
- tests, flake8: fix to many blank lines
- tests, flake8: Manual correction to make flake8 happy
- tests: trigger cubicweb builds from yams if all other tests passed
- tox/fix: missing -U in pip install in from-forge
- tox: add a new command to test from-forge
- tox: Add black formatting check
- tox: add mypy
- tox: enforce usage of python3 for tests
- types/fix: del_subject_relation argument is actually a relation_schema
- types: add more types in
- types: change whole types naming scheme for better lisibility
- types: is of type DefinitionName
- typing: introduce type _DefinitionName for
- use f-string
- use new gitlab syntax for triggering other pipeline
- You can pick your color as long as it is black
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -18,3 +18,4 @@ include *.svg
exclude .yamllint
exclude .cube-doctor.yml
exclude .hg-format-source
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ __docformat__ = "restructuredtext en"
modname = "yams"
# release version
numversion = (0, 45, 3)
numversion = (0, 46, 0)
version = ".".join(str(num) for num in numversion)
# license and copyright
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