Commit e1d1ecdb authored by Fabien Amarger's avatar Fabien Amarger
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Added tag 0.45.4 for changeset e198280a74db

branch : 0.45
parent dd4a8b8f23b2
......@@ -128,3 +128,4 @@ f9c4330c0cceec8f9eab3a8f562122eafc5637b5 0.45.1
006ec4e8f2d48780d8ac691a7ee0c0e285ec1622 0.45.2
006ec4e8f2d48780d8ac691a7ee0c0e285ec1622 debian/0.45.2-1
4af7629bb78ba41860578f78187918378fe570fc debian/0.45.2-2
e198280a74db71e88efdda4bb021dd4d4ad536f3 0.45.4
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