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provides a new role_name function to generate qualified name to put in validation errors

branch : stable
parent b63845ca9490
ChangeLog for yams
* EntitySchema.check() accepts an explicit set of relations to check
* provides a new role_name function to generate qualified name to put
in validation errors
2010-02-26 -- 0.28.0
* proper attribute permissions: should now use 'update' instead of 'add'/'delete'
......@@ -23,6 +23,9 @@ from yams.interfaces import (ISchema, IRelationSchema, IEntitySchema,
from yams.constraints import BASE_CHECKERS, BASE_CONVERTERS, UniqueConstraint
def role_name(rtype, role):
return '%s-%s' % (rtype, role)
def check_permission_definitions(schema):
"""check permissions are correctly defined"""
# already initialized, check everything is fine
......@@ -485,6 +488,7 @@ class EntitySchema(PermissionMixIn, ERSchema):
if not
aschema = self.destination(rschema)
qname = role_name(rschema, 'subject')
rdef = rschema.rdef(self, aschema)
# don't care about rhs cardinality, always '*' (if it make senses)
card = rdef.cardinality[0]
......@@ -497,26 +501,26 @@ class EntitySchema(PermissionMixIn, ERSchema):
if creation and required:
# missing required attribute with no default on creation
# is not autorized
errors[rschema.type] = _('required attribute')
errors[qname] = _('required attribute')
# on edition, missing attribute is considered as no changes
# skip other constraint if value is None and None is allowed
if value is None:
if required:
errors[rschema.type] = _('required attribute')
errors[qname] = _('required attribute')
if not aschema.check_value(value):
errors[rschema.type] = _('incorrect value (%(value)s) for type "%(type)s"') % {
errors[qname] = _('incorrect value (%(value)s) for type "%(type)s"') % {
'value':value, 'type': _(aschema.type)}
if isinstance(value, str):
errors[rschema.type] = '%s; you might want to try unicode' % errors[rschema.type]
errors[qname] += '; you might want to try unicode'
# ensure value has the correct python type
entity[rschema] = value = aschema.convert_value(value)
# check arbitrary constraints
for constraint in rdef.constraints:
if not constraint.check(entity, rschema, value):
errors[rschema.type] = _('%(cstr)s constraint failed for value %(value)r') % {
errors[qname] = _('%(cstr)s constraint failed for value %(value)r') % {
'cstr': constraint, 'value': value}
if errors:
raise ValidationError(entity, errors)
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