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ChangeLog for yams
* remove deprecation warning on bound constraint: it is actually valuable
when only one boundary or when boundary inclusion/exclusion has to be
2009-09-01 -- 0.24.2
* check for duplicated relation type
* when a relation type is explicitly defined in a schema, it should takes
precedence other those infered from relation def
2009-08-31 -- 0.24.1
* schema inheritance fixes
* fix schema import pb
2009-08-07 -- 0.24.0
* new Attribute, NOW and TODAY classes to handle more complex (interval
bound) constraints
* new owl2yams script
* added RichString base type
* maxsize / vocabulary constraint consistency
2009-06-03 -- 0.23.0
* stop setting default values in underlying sql schema
2009-05-04 -- 0.22.0
* new is_metadata method on entity schema
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