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enhance schema validation (focus on attributes only)

parent e131963cbc13
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ ChangeLog for yams
* enhance schema validation (focus on attributes only)
* check password value is an encoded string
2006-06-08 -- 0.5.2
......@@ -330,54 +330,46 @@ class EntitySchema(ERSchema):
(rtype, self.type))
return constraint.vocabulary()
def check(self, entity):
def check(self, entity, creation=False):
"""check the entity and raises an InvalidEntity exception if it
contains some invalid fields (ie some constraints failed)
assert not self.is_final()
# FIXME: for now, the given entity may not be complete so we should only
# check available attributes (except for newly created entity ?), and
# optionnaly fetch required data (need a connexion to the repo for that)
errors = []
errors = {}
etype = self.type
for rschema in self.ordered_relations():
if not rschema.is_final():
rtype = rschema.type
if rschema.is_final():
constraints = rschema.rproperty(self.type,
aschema = self.schema[self.destination_type(rtype)]
# don't care about rhs cardinality, always '*' (if it make senses)
card = rschema.rproperty(etype, aschema.type, 'cardinality')[0]
assert card in '?1'
required = card == '1'
# check value according to their type
value = entity[rtype]
except KeyError:
# FIXME value = None would be more appropriate
# i think we are historicaly doing "continue" to speed
# check of a partial entity (ie don't search for non given
# attributes in the sources
if creation and required:
# missing required attribute with no default on creation
# is not autorized
errors[rtype] = 'missing attribute'
# on edition, missing attribute is considered as no changes
# skip other constraint if value is None and None is allowed
# (ie no subject cardinality is '?' and not '1' in the list)
eschema = rschema.objects(entity.e_type)[0]
if value is None:
cardinality = rschema.rproperty(self.type, eschema.type,
if cardinality[0] == '?':
if value is None and not required:
if not eschema.check_value(value):
msg = 'incorrect value %r for type %s' % (value,
if not aschema.check_value(value):
errors[rtype] = 'incorrect value %r for type %s' % (value,
value = None
constraints = [] # XXX
# check arbitrary constraints
for constraint in constraints:
for constraint in rschema.rproperty(etype, aschema.type,
if not constraint.check(entity, rtype, value):
errors.append('%s constraint failed for %s' % (constraint,
errors[rtype] = '%s constraint failed' % constraint
if errors:
raise InvalidEntity(entity, '\n'.join(errors))
raise InvalidEntity(entity, errors)
def check_value(self, value):
"""check the value of a final entity (ie a const value)"""
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