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dropped the schema_view module

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ChangeLog for yams
* dropped the schema_view module
2007-03-01 -- 0.9.4
* automatically sets maxsize only for String attributes (fix #3272)
* #3272: crash when some static vocabulary specified on a non String
"""an helper class to display a schema using ureports
:organization: Logilab
:copyright: 2003-2006 LOGILAB S.A. (Paris, FRANCE), all rights reserved.
:contact: --
__docformat__ = "restructuredtext en"
__metaclass__ = type
from logilab.common.ureports import Section, Title, Table, Link, Text, List
_ = getattr(__builtins__, '_', str)
from warnings import warn
warn('deprecated module', DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2)
class SchemaViewer:
"""return an ureport layout for some part of a schema"""
def __init__(self, encoding='UTF-8'):
self.encoding = encoding
def visit_schema(self, schema, display_relations=0,
skiprels=(), skipmeta=True):
"""get a layout for a whole schema"""
title = Title(_('Schema %s') %,
layout = Section(children=(title,))
esection = Section(children=(Title(_('Entities'),
entities = [eschema for eschema in schema.entities(schema=1)
if not eschema.is_final()]
if skipmeta:
entities = [eschema for eschema in entities
if not eschema.meta]
keys = [(eschema.type, eschema) for eschema in entities]
for key, eschema in sorted(keys):
esection.append(self.visit_entityschema(eschema, skiprels))
if display_relations:
title = Title(_('Relations'), klass='titleUnderline')
rsection = Section(children=(title,))
relations = [rschema for rschema in schema.relations(schema=1)
if not (rschema.is_final() or rschema.type in skiprels)]
if skipmeta:
relations = [rschema for rschema in relations
if not rschema.meta]
keys = [(rschema.type, rschema) for rschema in relations]
for key, rschema in sorted(keys):
relstr = self.visit_relationschema(rschema)
return layout
def _entity_attributes_data(self, eschema):
data = [_('attribute'), _('type'), _('default'), _('constraints')]
for rschema, aschema in eschema.attribute_definitions():
aname = rschema.type
constraints = rschema.rproperty(eschema.type, aschema.type,
data.append(', '.join([str(constr) for constr in constraints]))
return data
def eschema_link_url(self, eschema):
return '#'+eschema.type
def rschema_link_url(self, rschema):
return '#'+rschema.type
def visit_entityschema(self, eschema, skiprels=()):
"""get a layout for an entity schema"""
layout = Section(title=_('Entity %s') % eschema.type, id=eschema.type,
data = self._entity_attributes_data(eschema)
table = Table(cols=4, cheaders=1, children=data)
layout.append(Section(children=(table,), klass='entityAttributes'))
data = [_('relation'), _('type'), _('targets')]#, _('constraints')]
for rschema, targetschemas, x in eschema.relation_definitions():
if rschema.type in skiprels:
rname = rschema.type
data.append(Link(self.rschema_link_url(rschema), rname))
targets = List()
for oeschema in targetschemas:
table = Table(cols=3, cheaders=1, children=data)
layout.append(Section(children=(table,), klass='entityAttributes'))
return layout
def visit_relationschema(self, rschema):
"""get a layout for a relation schema"""
title = Link(self.rschema_link_url(rschema), rschema.type)
stereotypes = []
if rschema.meta:
if rschema.symetric:
if rschema.inlined:
if stereotypes:
stereotypes = [self.stereotype(','.join(stereotypes))]
layout = Section(title=title, children=stereotypes,
id=rschema.type, klass='schema')
data = [_('from'), _('to')]
schema = rschema.schema
for from_type, to_types in rschema.association_types():
for to_type in to_types:
data.append(Link(self.eschema_link_url(schema[from_type]), from_type))
data.append(Link(self.eschema_link_url(schema[to_type]), to_type))
table = Table(cols=2, cheaders=1, children=data)
layout.append(Section(children=(table,), klass='relationDefinition'))
return layout
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