1. 22 Jun, 2020 1 commit
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  5. 27 Apr, 2020 3 commits
    • Simon Chabot's avatar
      feat(distance): add a function to convert distance of alignments to confidence · 3a01aa2d51ae
      Simon Chabot authored
      This new function enables to compute a confidence from a distance. When
      iterating over the aligned pairs, one can use this function to obtained a
      confidence from the distance between the pair's elements.
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      fix(aligner): pipeline aligner returns the pair distance too · 6d308ce94cb5
      Simon Chabot authored
      For all aligners, the method `get_aligned_pairs` returns an iterator over
      tuples of aligned pairs : (refitem, targetitem, distance). The PipelineAligner
      was iterating over (refitem, targetitem) ; the distance was removed.
      This patch fixes this, and make the content of the variable `pair` more explicit.
      closes #1
    • Simon Chabot's avatar
      feat(blocking): add a new parameter 'repeatable' to MinHashingBlocking · d32339bd44b4
      Simon Chabot authored
      This new parameter, `repeatable`, enables one to obtain the same results, with
      the same parameters (documents, signature length, etc).
      The MinHashing technique is based on randomly chosen hash functions. In order to
      get the same results at each calls (when `repeatable` is set to True), we set
      the random seed to a predetermined value (and customizable if need be). With the
      same random seed, one should get the same hash functions, and therefore the same
      documents signatures, and… the same results.
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    • Simon Chabot's avatar
      fix(tests): allow the test of XHTML validation to fail · b5f6c8c47668
      Simon Chabot authored
      there is a issue with loading remote DTD. This issue is not resolved (and do we
      want to keep this class `ValidXHTMLPrettyPrint` ? I’m not sure).
      As this may me removed soon, I suggest to allow failure on this tests while we
      decide whether we remove it in 1.0.0 or not.
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