Commit f861c557 authored by Julien Jehannet's avatar Julien Jehannet
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[pkginfo] make py3k compatible

parent 60d24dc29138
......@@ -38,13 +38,13 @@ except ImportError:
from distutils.command import install_lib
sys.modules.pop('__pkginfo__', None)
# import optional features
__pkginfo__ = __import__("__pkginfo__")
# import required features
from __pkginfo__ import modname, version, license, description, \
web, author, author_email
# import optional features
import __pkginfo__
distname = getattr(__pkginfo__, 'distname', modname)
scripts = getattr(__pkginfo__, 'scripts', [])
data_files = getattr(__pkginfo__, 'data_files', None)
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