Commit 7476d941 authored by Sylvain's avatar Sylvain
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dirty fix to make lgc compilable for debian stable (epydoc version pb)

parent 7e792214f7f6
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ build-stamp:
python -q build
# build doc
$(MAKE) -C doc
$(MAKE) -C doc || true
touch build-stamp
all: epydoc
epydoc -o apidoc --html -v --graph all --no-private --exclude="__pkginfo__" --exclude="setup" -n "Logilab's common library" ../
#epydoc -o apidoc --html -v --graph all --no-private --exclude="__pkginfo__" --exclude="setup" -n "Logilab's common library" ../
mkdir apidoc
epydoc -o apidoc --html -v --no-private --exclude="__pkginfo__" --exclude="setup" -n "Logilab's common library" ../
rm -rf apidoc
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