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......@@ -59,3 +59,25 @@ for instance, to see how it can be used.
You can also find the official documentation [here](,
and some examples [here](
## Description of all the jobs
| Job filename | Stage | Purpose |
|no-duplicated-ci-pipelines.yml |None | avoid running duplicate pipelines for both topic head and MR |
|lint/black.yml |lint | run tox -e black |
|lint/check-manifest.yml |lint | run tox -e check-manifest |
|lint/flake8.yml |lint | run tox -e flake8 |
|lint/mypy.yml |lint | run tox -e mypy |
|lint/safety.yml |lint | run tox -e safety |
|lint/yamllint.yml |lint | run tox -e yamllint |
|tests/py27.yml |tests | run tox -e py27 |
|tests/py3.yml |tests | run tox -e py3 |
|build-debian-package.yml |build-debian-package, build-debian-package | build and upload debian packages to heptapod |
|build-docker-image.yml |release | build two docker images and push them to heptapod registry (the "latest" is added when MR is merged) |
|create-release-on-heptapod.yml |release | create a release on heptapod on new tags |
|create-release-on-heptapod-including-debian-package.yml |release | create a release on heptapod on new tags and link the debian package to it |
|upload-to-pypi.yml |publish | upload the package to pipy on new tag using tox -e pypi-publish |
|upload-python-package-to-heptapod.yml |publish | upload the package to heptapod registry on new tag|
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