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......@@ -60,6 +60,36 @@ for instance, to see how it can be used.
You can also find the official documentation [here](,
and some examples [here](
## Job customisation
If you want to modify a job in your project, you can override it.
For example, you need to change the `rule` condition of `image_build`.
This is your default `.gitlab-ci.yml`:
- project: "open-source/gitlab-ci-templates"
ref: "branch/default"
- "templates/build-docker-image.yml" # build two docker images with image_build and image_build_latest
- ".gitlab-ci-extended.yml"
In `.gitlab-ci-extended.yml`, you can override the definition of the rule:
when: never
- if: '$CI_COMMIT_TAG'
when: on_success
Now the job `image_build` will run only on tags.
## Description of all the jobs
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