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[README] Add instructions to instanciate a RQL Browser

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......@@ -57,6 +57,22 @@ A _Clear selection_ button can reset the Schema Navigator state (clear search ba
![rql browser screenshot](docs/RqlBrowser.png 'RQL Browser')
Instanciate a RqlBrowser:
// url is the base url of your cubicweb instance
import {providers, client} from '@logilab/cwclientlibjs';
import {RqlBrowser} from '@logilab/cwelements';
const clientRql = new client.CwRqlClient(new client.CwSimpleHttpClient(url));
const schemaProvider = new providers.RqlEntitySchemaProvider(
'storageKey' // OPTIONAL : if you want the schema to be stored in window.localStorage
<RqlBrowser schemaProvider={schemaProvider} clientRql={rqlClient} />;
## Using monaco-editor-based components
The QueryMonacoEditorTextInput, included in RqlBrowser and RqlBrowserQuerier is based on [monaco-editor]( for syntaxic colouring, cursor tracking, etc.
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