Commit 37dc75f0 authored by Laurent Wouters's avatar Laurent Wouters
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Added tag v0.6.3 for changeset 57d117a7f01b

branch : v0.6.x
parent 57d117a7f01b
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......@@ -85,3 +85,4 @@ f2c9152fc71027408709ff718a7ebf64958aa83c v0.4.0
f1e9f43a32fbb79f59a73acf3986fae69b7a1924 v0.5.1
b8efb3435b5cdd6a06fc6576d5061bb9d4a432f8 v0.5.2
5b623a6559ca6157e5992e447248687667f02500 v0.6.0
57d117a7f01ba9a348d495bcf1118dedf944e687 v0.6.3
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