Commit 7cd2be4e authored by Simon Chabot's avatar Simon Chabot
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fix: double check that an MR is not wip before assigning

it seems that filtering in the search is not enough, and some MR may be wip,
even when the 'wip="no"' parameter is given.

Let' skip WIP merge requests
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......@@ -162,6 +162,12 @@ class ReviewAssigner:
for merge_request in merge_requests:
if merge_request.work_in_progress:
# double check that the MR is not WIP.
# it seems that filtering in the search parameters is not enough
# XXX is it a bug ?
project = self.cnx.projects.get(merge_request.project_id)
if CLIENT_PROJECT_TAG in project.tag_list:
# it's a client project. Let's assume that someone will take
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