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feat: change the tag to prevent assignbot assigning a reviewer to 'no-assignbot'

BREAKING CHANGE: assignbot will ignore the 'no-assignbot' tag, and not the 'client-project'

previously the tag was 'client-project', but it was not very well chosen as some
client project may need assignbot's help, and some non-client-project may no
need it.

Let's use a proper tag for this.

closes cubicweb/cubicweb#106
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......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ from assignbot.s3_utils import download_file, upload_file
REVIEW_ACCESS_LEVEL = 30 # developper
CLIENT_PROJECT_TAG = "client-project"
DO_NOT_REVIEW_TAG = "no-assignbot"
STATE_FILENAME = "auto_assigned_reviewers.csv"
......@@ -179,11 +179,12 @@ class ReviewAssigner:
project = self.cnx.projects.get(merge_request.project_id)
if CLIENT_PROJECT_TAG in project.tag_list:
# it's a client project. Let's assume that someone will take
if DO_NOT_REVIEW_TAG in project.tag_list:
# has the 'no-assignbot' tag. Let's assume that someone will take
# care of this MR.
f"INFO: {merge_request.web_url} would need review, but it's a client project"
f"INFO: {merge_request.web_url} would need review, but it "
"has the '{DO_NOT_REVIEW_TAG}' tag"
yield merge_request
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