Commit 274adf3a authored by Simon Chabot's avatar Simon Chabot
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refactor(log): show merge request web url when it fails to assign a reviewer

this url may be useful for debugging and eventual fixing permission.
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...@@ -126,7 +126,10 @@ class ReviewAssigner: ...@@ -126,7 +126,10 @@ class ReviewAssigner:
query_data={"assignee_id":}, query_data={"assignee_id":},
) )
except GitlabHttpError: except GitlabHttpError:
print(f"ERROR: no permission to assign a reviewer to {merge_request.title}") print(
f"ERROR: no permission to assign a reviewer to {merge_request.title}"
f" ({merge_request.web_url})"
return return
self.review_states.loc[len(self.review_states)] = ( self.review_states.loc[len(self.review_states)] = (
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