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feat: [datafetcher] Add datafetcher to the simplerender signature

This datafetcher implement the fetchDataFromURI method which fetch
the data for the URI and format the return, depending on the respFormat

By the way, add the nodeId parameter, which is the node id in which
the view must render the result.
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......@@ -53,10 +53,35 @@ export interface ViewRendering {
suggestedResources?: Resource[];
export type FetchDataFromURIFunction = (
uri: string,
respFormat?: {[key: string]: string}
) => Promise<{[key: string]: string}>;
export type DataFetcher = {
* The fetchDataFromURI is the method to fetch data for a dedicated URI
fetchDataFromURI: (
* The uri for which we want fetch data for
uri: string,
* The respFormat object is a way to configure how to format data when fetched.
* This allow to define how to result will be formated to avoid manipulate triples.
* The keys in the respFormat will be used for the object returned. The values are
* the predicate to use to discover a specific relation. The result object will
* have the string representation for the specified predicate.
* For exemple :
* respFormat(
* "", {
* label: "",
* sameAs: "",
* });
* returns a promise for the result :
* {label: "Victor Hugo", sameAs: ""}
* Note that the results contains only one result.
* TODO change to fetch several values for a predicate
respFormat?: {[key: string]: string}
) => Promise<{[key: string]: string}>;
* The implementation of a view
......@@ -88,9 +113,22 @@ export interface ViewImplementation {
): ViewRendering;
simpleRender?: (
* The node id in which the view must be rendered
nodeId: string,
* The triples in which the target is subject or object
context: $rdf.Formula,
* The target URI. The target is the element we want to show with the view
target: string,
fetchDataFromURI?: FetchDataFromURIFunction
* The (optional) data fetcher is an utility to ease fetching data for a specific URI
dataFetcher?: DataFetcher
) => Element;
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