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### Priority evaluation ### Priority evaluation
The RDF dataset. When computing the priority of a view, the raw and complete RDF dataset is passed to the `priorityFor` method of the view implementation, along with the target of rendering, i.e. the primary entity to be rendered by this view.
It is the responsability of the view implementation to determine its priority regarding the dataset and the target entity.
For example, a view specific to books *should* try to detect the type of the target resource and *should* deactivate itself if it does not look like a book.
In the case the view desires to deactivate itself, the `VIEW_PRIORITY_INAPPROPRIATE` constant can be returned.
The target RDF resource. The strategy to be used to determine whether the view is appropriate and what is its priority is left to the view itself.
A common strategy is to look for the triples with the `rdf:type` predicate on triples with the target entity as subject.
For example:
priorityFor(store: $rdf.Formula, target: application.Resource): number {
// use an entity repository for easier manipulation of the RDF dataset
let repo = new rdfEntities.RdfEntityStore(store);
// get the entity identified as the target
let entity = repo.entityForUri(target.uri);
// determine whether the target is really is target, or a proxy of another entity with a focus predicate
// this step may not be applicable to all use cases
let focus = entity.getEntityForS("");
if (focus !== null) entity = focus;
// list all the types of the entity (using rdf:type)
let entityTypes = entity.getEntitiesForS("");
if (entityTypes.length > 0) {
// look for a specific entity type
let x = entityTypes.find(
(entity: rdfEntities.RdfEntity) =>
entity.uris.indexOf("") >= 0
if (x) {
// The entity is a Book
return 10;
// could not find the types, the view may not be appropriate
return implementation.VIEW_PRIORITY_INAPPROPRIATE;
### Rendering ### Rendering
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