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### Facilities to manipulate RDF data
RDF entities and entity store.
Although view implements can rely on the raw dataset for rendering, `libview` also provides a few abstraction layers that can ease the manipulation of the dataset.
The first step is to use the `RdfEntityStore`, which enables the manipulation of RDF resources in an object-oriented fashion as `RdfEntity`.
A `RdfEntity` simply abstract a RDF resources and provides accessors for assertions about the entity, for example finding out the values for a property, or the entities referred to through a property.
In addition, the `RdfEntityStore` handles aliases for entities, meaning it automatically handles equivalent RDF resources asserted using the `owl:sameAs` property.
The second step is to load the RDF dataset as business objects.
It is then possible to declaratively specify the schema of business entities projected in RDF so that it is possible to automatically loads them from the RDF dataset.
Load objects from RDF data.
## Step 2 - Entrypoint
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