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......@@ -35,30 +35,37 @@ Optionnaly, to re-create the build environment, execute:
To build the project, simply run:
To build the project, run:
## How to use
The first step is to build all the artifacts in this repository:
Alternatively, to locally build the project without using the provided environment, run:
Second, the contributed views (descriptors and implementations) have to be served by a web server so that the web extension may later refer to them.
To serve the views defined by a particular `views-xxx` package, go to the corresponding folder and execute:
Doing so, the minimal working versions of node.js and npm are:
* `node --version`: `v8.10.0`
* `npm --version`: `3.5.2`
## How to use
This project contains a set of contributed views that must be served (by a web server) in order to be used.
In order to use this project, the definition of a runtime environment is provided in the form of a `docker-compose.yml` file.
Once the project has been built, simply execute:
npm run serve
docker-compose up -d
This will launch a development web server that serves the views so that the it can be referred to by the browser.
Run `docker-compose down` to terminate the environment.
The descriptors for the views can then be accessed at [http://localhost:8080/index.vd.json](http://localhost:8080/index.vd.json).
This environment launches a web server (Apache), accessible at [http://localhost/](http://localhost/), that serves the contributed views.
The descriptors for the views can then be accessed at [http://localhost/index.vd.json](http://localhost/index.vd.json).
This is the URI that can be defined as a source of views for the browser.
Then, the web extension implemented in the `extension` repository has to be deployed into a compatible web browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
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