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......@@ -50,8 +50,29 @@ Doing so, the minimal working versions of node.js and npm are:
* `node --version`: `v8.10.0`
* `npm --version`: `3.5.2`
## Access to build environment
The build environment can be invoked using the `cmd` script at the repository's root by passing the wanted command as a parameter to it.
The sources repository is mapped to the `/src` folder in the build environment.
For example, to execute the `` script in the context of the specified build environment (instead of the local host):
./cmd /src/
The `cmd` script tries to lookup the current folder relative to the repository's root in order to execute the requested command within the same folder.
It is then possible to execute:
cd extension
../cmd npm install
## Run linters
Linters for the components are called during the normal process.
It is also possible to manually invoke the configured linter as follow:
cd extension
../cmd run linter
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