Commit 3879e2fb authored by Laurent Wouters's avatar Laurent Wouters
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[releng] Build the environment as required

parent 8d43d90da58e
......@@ -9,6 +9,13 @@ HASH=$(hg -R "$ROOT" --debug id -i)
# Cleanup
hg -R "$ROOT" purge --all
BUILDER=$(docker images | grep -o -E '^logilab/ld-build-env(\s)+latest' | wc -l)
if [ "$BUILDER" -lt "1" ]; then
echo "=> Build environment must be created"
# Execute the build
docker run -it --rm --user=$(id -u) --group-add=$(id -g) -v "$ROOT:/src" -e "HOME=/npm" "logilab/ld-build-env:latest" /src/.releng/
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