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A script to create a new CubicWeb instance from OWL ontology and RDF data
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A script to create a new CubicWeb instance from OWL ontology and RDF data
## Installing the project
Create and activate a virtual environment
python3 -m venv my-virtual-env
source my-virtual-env/bin/activate
Install the dependencies, in this folder, run
pip install -e .
## Bootstrap a cube from a OWL file
This command will create a cube from the OWL file
owl2yams -m path/to/my-ontology.owl -n my_owl2yams_instance
It requires the ontology file path.
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--owl-model OWL_MODEL, -m OWL_MODEL
Specify the OWL file to translate
Specify the instance name for the CW instance
--parse-format {turtle,xml,n3,nquads,nt,trix}, -f {turtle,xml,n3,nquads,nt,trix}
Specify the OWL file serialization
--dry-run, -d Print the YAMS schema only
--only-cube Only create the cube and exit (no instance and db-
## Populate a CubicWeb instance from RDF data
Run the script to populate your CubicWeb instance with your RDF data compliant
with the OWL ontology that was used to create your cube.
cubicweb-ctl import-rdf my_owl2yams_instance -f /path/to/rdfdata.ttl
optional arguments:
--parse-format The RDF serialization format between {turtle,xml,n3,nquads,nt,trix}
## Launch your CubicWeb instance
This command will launch the CubicWeb instance
cubicweb-ctl pyramid my_owl2yams_instance
By default it used the `8080` port. You can change this port using the environement variable
`CW_PORT`, which you can set with the following command:
export CW_PORT=8081
You know the server is running when you see the log
Serving on
## Use your CubicWeb instance
After those two commands, you can browse, create new data and more on your
web application.
Go to http://localhost:8080 and you can start browsing, adding data, etc.
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