Commit 7a6b7193 authored by Laurent Peuch's avatar Laurent Peuch
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feat(qa): test if cube has documentation

parent 294dce439274
......@@ -30,6 +30,8 @@ for number, cube in enumerate(all_cubes):
has_gitlab_ci = ".gitlab-ci.yml" in cube_files
has_readme_rst = bool({"README.rst", ""} & cube_files) # set intersection
has_doc = bool({"doc", "docs"} & cube_files) # set intersection
if has_tox:
tox_content = cube.files.get("tox.ini", ref="branch/default").decode().decode("Utf-8")
......@@ -60,6 +62,7 @@ for number, cube in enumerate(all_cubes):
"cube": cube.attributes,
"has_doc": has_doc,
"has_tox": has_tox,
"has_gitlab_ci": has_gitlab_ci,
"has_readme_rst": has_readme_rst,
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
<th>py2 tests</th>
<th>py3 tests</th>
<th>check manifest</th>
......@@ -20,6 +21,7 @@
<td class="{{ "true" if cube["has_tox"] else "false" }}"></td>
<td class="{{ "true" if cube["has_gitlab_ci"] else "false" }}"></td>
<td class="{{ "true" if cube["has_readme_rst"] else "false" }}"></td>
<td class="{{ "true" if cube["has_doc"] else "false" }}"></td>
{% if cube["has_tox"] %}
<td class="{{ "true" if cube["has_py2_tests"] else "" }}"></td>
<td class="{{ "true" if cube["has_py3_tests"] else "false" }}"></td>
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