Commit 3534ffb5 authored by Laurent Peuch's avatar Laurent Peuch
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feat: add a script to add a pipeline badget to all projects

parent ba4d420ca03b
import os
import gitlab
gl = gitlab.Gitlab("", oauth_token=os.environ.get("TOKEN"))
all_core_projects = [x for x in gl.projects.list(all=True) if "cw-core" in x.tag_list]
all_cubes = [x for x in gl.projects.list(all=True) if x.namespace["name"] == "cubes"]
for project in all_core_projects + all_cubes:
existing_badges = { for x in project.badges.list(all=True)}
if "pipeline" not in existing_badges:
print(f'Add pipeline badget to {project.name_with_namespace.replace(" ", "")} ({project.web_url})...')
"name": "pipeline",
"link_url": "{project_path}/-/pipelines",
"image_url": "{project_path}/badges/%{default_branch}/pipeline.svg"
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