Commit 6c5de162 authored by Carine Dengler's avatar Carine Dengler

Add tag "0.7.0" and "debian/0.7.0-1" for changeset 7e0f4e358f48

parent 7e0f4e358f4
Pipeline #8237 passed with stage
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......@@ -31,3 +31,5 @@ cae523c66c71db24c074cfe15083d6619e8968ad centos/0.5.1-1
46a532bd325c40acb0f7d1441d149a98aed03add centos/0.5.2-1
46a532bd325c40acb0f7d1441d149a98aed03add debian/0.5.2-1
2b885b5e992e332a3758ac2f339781f6ba8dc8b0 0.6.0
7e0f4e358f484b3b5b2d0b8dc4faa550fc1deebf 0.7.0
7e0f4e358f484b3b5b2d0b8dc4faa550fc1deebf debian/0.7.0-1
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