1. 28 Mar, 2017 1 commit
  2. 24 Mar, 2017 3 commits
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      Drop README.pyramid.rst file · 5c473684f056
      Denis Laxalde authored
      It has been kept since 3.24 when we merged pyramid-cubicweb and
      cubicweb-pyramid repositories into cubicweb's one waiting for someone to move
      the information in some canonical place but this never happened and this
      information is probably not so useful or already existing elsewhere. So just
      drop the file.
      branch : 3.25
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      Make entypo link a true URL in README · eeb2b2ec1928
      Denis Laxalde authored
      branch : 3.25
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      Refer to cubicweb.readthedocs.io in README · 566075b02ce5
      Denis Laxalde authored
      docs.cubicweb.org contains outdated documentation at the moment (and for quite
      some time); until it gets update, refer to the up-to-date documentation on
      branch : 3.25
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    • Arthur Lutz's avatar
      [rqlrewrite/schema] Avoid parsing computed relations for each query · 39c9e548f0ce
      Arthur Lutz authored
      The RQLRelationRewriter is instanciated for each RQL query, it should
      avoid parsing computed relations formula by using a cache, which seems rightly
      located on the instance's schema.
      This brings a *huge* performance boost to some pages on application with a few
      computed relations (x4 observed on a client app).
      Kudos to Adrien, David and Sylvain.
      Closes #17059828
      branch : 3.25
  14. 22 Mar, 2017 3 commits
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  16. 21 Mar, 2017 1 commit
    • Philippe Pepiot's avatar
      [cwconfig] don't rely on _CubeImporter while loading cubes · 82d2c1cdf0c2
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      _CubeImporter can load cube subpackages twice (there is a test for submodules
      in cubicweb.test.unittest_cubes.test_no_double_import() but not with a
      Since _CubeImporter is for backward compatibility and is supposed to be
      deprecated as soon as possible, don't rely on it when loading cube schema or
      appobjects and always load the real modname (eg. cubicweb_<cube> if exists else
      branch : 3.25
  17. 17 Mar, 2017 1 commit
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      [pkg] Version 3.25.0rc0 · f5fee548588d
      Denis Laxalde authored
      Let's make a release candidate version of CubicWeb 3.25.0 (only for the Python
      package), in the hope that some issues that we usually discover after release
      will be sorted out before.
      branch : 3.25
  18. 20 Mar, 2017 3 commits
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      [pyramid] Rename paste app factory to pyramid_main · 339b26bf17d2
      Denis Laxalde authored
      Making it clearer that this would build a Pyramid application, just in case we
      eventually provide other means to create a WSGI application than Pyramid.
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      [tox] Do not use site packages in testenv · 9233dbde28d5
      Denis Laxalde authored
      This is the normal way of running tox. We used to set this because
      some people liked to run tests using packages installed by other
      means (i.e. system-wide). Now, there seems to be a consensus that
      running tox without site packages is a better idea, in particular
      since many of our dependencies are now available as wheels and thus
      would install quickly provided one uses a recent pip/virtualenv.
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      [test] Add user-site to PYTHONPATH before installation of new cube in test_newcube_install · fb0b74fecc4d
      Denis Laxalde authored
      Otherwise, setuptools complains that the target installation directory (i.e.
      "user site" is not in PYTHONPATH). This is probably because we use a fake HOME
      with --user install option. Failure shows up when running tests through tox
      without system site packages (see next patch).
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