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    • Sylvain Thénault's avatar
      [uicfg] Fix autoform_section rtags wrt derivation · 1d7e4f98f902
      Sylvain Thénault authored
      cw 3.25 introduced the 'derived rtags' feature, but missed that
      `autoform_section` implementation was overriding several methods where this was
      implemented in the base class. The following problems are tested and fixed:
      * during init, we should not attempt to call `_initfunc_step2` if there is some
      * but we should handle expansion of wildcard ('*' used as subject or object of a
        tag) since this is handled during init step for this class, unlike others
        which handle this in `get` method (i.e. at lookup time),
      * fix overrided `get` method to consider parent rtag if any.
      Closes #17107020
      branch : 3.25
    • Sylvain Thénault's avatar
      [rtags] Enhance repr of rtags · f2e6fb5ddf68
      Sylvain Thénault authored
      * we don't care of the class, the registry id is enough (never seen a case of
      * add the module from which the rtag is coming as well as parent rtag if any.
      branch : 3.25
    • Sylvain Thénault's avatar
      [web/test] Use bare unittest main instead of lgc.main · 1a5911825ef5
      Sylvain Thénault authored
      branch : 3.25
    • Sylvain Thénault's avatar
      [cleanup] Fix some flake8 errors · 3fa6c9ef2f51
      Sylvain Thénault authored
      and drop upper bound of copyright along the way.
      autoform module is not added to flake8-ok-files since there are some remaining
      errors to be handled, but that's still a start.
      branch : 3.25
    • Adrien Di Mascio's avatar
      [web] fix session /cnx mix in anonymized_request · 2fc04786dd36
      Adrien Di Mascio authored
      branch : 3.25
    • Sylvain Thénault's avatar
      [test] Pin some test dependencies · a97cdb531a75
      Sylvain Thénault authored
      We currently have CI failures because cubes used as test dependencies have been
      updated to new-style cube layout. To avoid this, pin them to previous released.
      Those dependencies should be removed but in the mean time this should be enough
      (and backported in all active branches).
      branch : 3.25
  11. 05 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • Sylvain Thénault's avatar
      [web/form] Relax condition for non-translating field names · 95e0883e2375
      Sylvain Thénault authored
      we should test true condition instead of None, so if one raise a ValidationError
      using an empty string as 'no-field' marker instead of None, we don't get the PO
      file header that gettext likes to return when one attempt to translate an empty
      branch : 3.25
  12. 26 Sep, 2017 1 commit
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      [entities] Restore dc_ methods instead of __getattr__ proxy · 1c912b7d9503
      Denis Laxalde authored
      In 8de62610cea2, a __getattr__ proxy was introduced to handle compatibility
      with dc_* methods being called on entity instances instead of through the
      IDublinCore adapter. Unfortunately, __getattr__ does not play well with
      super() and since the latter is often used by, we here restore all dc_ methods
      with an explicit proxy to the adapter. More verbose but should work.
      Closes #17103999.
      branch : 3.25
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    • Jérôme Roy's avatar
      [doc] Fix option_*() migration commands in doc · b6b87c36beed
      Jérôme Roy authored
      The function signature in the doc is not the same as in the code. Also option_removed should probably be removed from the doc since the function in migration.py is empty
      branch : 3.25
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    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      [pyramid] Only expose 'cubicweb.bwcompat' setting for "all-in-one" configuration type · 36f1c7ab9010
      Denis Laxalde authored
      The "pyramid" instance configuration does not work with "cubiwceb.bwcompat"
      mode (on purpose). Yet, having the setting exposed in development.ini file
      (generate by `cubicweb-ctl create --config pyramid <cube> <instance>` command)
      is misleading and we want to remove it.
      Thus, we only query this setting when cubicweb configuration is "all-in-one" and
      drop the setting line from templated development.ini file. If the option is
      found and True for any other configuration type, we issue a user warning (and
      ignore the option).
      branch : 3.25
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