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      Handle cubes as packages in cwconfig · 8987a05950dc
      Denis Laxalde authored
      Rely on importlib.import_module in several places in cwconfig.py, so this
      would not work with python 2.6.
      Method available_cubes will not list cubes installed as package for now. I'm
      not sure it's worth implementing this method (used in `cubicweb-ctl list
      cubes` command) for new cubes layout as the same result can basically be
      obtained with `pip freeze | grep cubicweb_`.
      In unittest_cwconfig.py, duplicate CubicWebConfigurationTC test case to test
      both the "cubes as packages" layout and the "legacy cubes" layout. The former
      having a custom sys.path set (pointing to datapath('libpython') where all
      cubes' packages live) and the latter having the previous config attribute
      All test data cubes are moved to packages in libpython directory and symlinks
      are introduced in the cubes directory.
      Related to #13001466.
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      Add an import redirect hook from "cubes.<name>" to "cubicweb_<name>" · d404fd8499dd
      Denis Laxalde authored
      The hook consists of a finder and a loader implemented following PEP-302; it
      is responsible for loading cubes distributed as packages (i.e. installed as
      ``cubicweb_<name>`` in site-packages) but imported (in client code) as ``from
      cubes.<name> import ...``. So this is a transitional mechanism allowing cubes
      following the new layout to be used by old-style cubes/applications.
      The importer is installed upon calling CubicWebConfiguration's
      cls_adjust_sys_path method (also called in cubicweb.devtools.__init__.py,
      which is a prerequisite for importing any "legacy" cube. The loading of
      old-style cubes is still handled by the CubicWeb configuration, based on
      adjustment of sys.path etc.
      Related to #13001466.
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      [pkg] Properly export data files in setup.py and adjust "newcube" test · 63ac20ef558e
      Denis Laxalde authored
      With the new package layout (everything under "cubicweb" package), the custom
      install_lib rule which makes use of include_dirs defined in __pkginfo__.py did
      not prepend the package name to source directories to be copied. Fixing this.
      Also, in setup.py's export() function, the destination directories' path to be
      created during source tree walk was wrong.
      All this makes cubicweb/skeleton directory (which is not a package) properly
      installed by setup.py.
      The test in cubicweb/devtools/test/unittest_devctl.py wasn't properly
      implemented because it used an installation of cubicweb in "develop" mode
      which shadows such packaging issues. Also it used "python -m cubicweb" instead
      of directly "cubicweb-ctl" and the former appears to fall back to using the
      cubicweb package *from sources* instead of the installed one.
      Now that this test runs against the installed version of cubicweb, fix
      MANIFEST.in to include tox.ini files (cubicweb's and skeleton's) as this is
      expected from the test.
      Closes #14127941.
      branch : 3.23
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      [pkg] Handle verbose option in setup.py's export function · 06bcb7e7a69c
      Denis Laxalde authored
      Make debugging easier.
      branch : 3.23
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      [pkg] Drop unused EMPTY_FILE global variable · b5cd8a2cccab
      Denis Laxalde authored
      branch : 3.23
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      [tox] Do not install package in "develop" · 32c3026f7810
      Denis Laxalde authored
      This might shadow so packaging issues.
      And user can still pass --develop to tox.
      branch : 3.23
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      [pkg] Bump version to 3.23.2 · b7a4b8458932
      Denis Laxalde authored
      branch : 3.23
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