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    • Sylvain Thénault's avatar
      [db-api/configuration] simplify db-api and configuration so that all the... · 62213a34726e
      Sylvain Thénault authored
      [db-api/configuration] simplify db-api and configuration so that all the connection information is in the repository url, closes #2521848
      eg no more specific option of pyro ns host, group, etc. This also fixes broken ZMQ
      * dropped pyro-ns-host, pyro-instance-id, pyro-ns-group from client side config, in
        favor of repository-uri. No migration done, supposing there is **no web-only config**
        in the wild. Also stop discovering the connection method through the repo_method class
        attribute of the configuration, varying according to the configuration class. This is
        a first step on the way to a simpler configuration handling. Notice those pyro options
        are still available for repository only / all-in-one configurations as they are needed
        to configure the pyro server.
      * stop telling connection method using ConnectionProperties, this is so boring. Also,
        drop _cnxtype from Connection and cnxtype from Session. The former is replaced by a
        is_repo_in_memory property and the later is totaly useless.
      * deprecate in_memory_cnx which becomes useless, use _repo_connect instead
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    • Florent Cayré's avatar
      make ui configurations selectable (closes #2406609) · 1dd655788ece
      Florent Cayré authored
      * introduce a new 'uicfg' registry (storing instances)
      * use the relevant new APIs from lgc.registry to manage the new
        registrable uicfg objects
      * cw event manager useage is gone; instead thze standard registry
        reloading mechanism is used
      * ensure i18n commands still work (devctl)
      * introduce dynamic uicfgs use whenever possible (various views), even
        though sometimes the classic 'static' usage remains
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    • Aurelien Campeas's avatar
      [entities] fix test failures introduced by fixes in workflow related message... · cd9fddc21361
      Aurelien Campeas authored
      [entities] fix test failures introduced by fixes in workflow related message strings (completes 9bb93efa1952)
      branch : stable
    • Aurelien Campeas's avatar
      [entity,views/json] backout 353bbd17a8b6 (reopens #2559931) · 5ab6ec83d5ba
      Aurelien Campeas authored
      Calling .complete() unconditionnally from the json encoder is unsafe
      since on entity creation validation:
      * an eid may have been drawn (hence even .has_eid() would not help)
        while processing form data in the edit controller
      * a ValidationError may have been raised and the entity-creating
        transaction rollbacked
      This leads to a crash on the return path from the validation to the
      browser, where the json_dumps((status, args, entity)) call will
      stumble upon the .complete() call which will fail because the entity
      does not (any more) exist in the database.
      branch : stable
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