Commit fe072f2f authored by Nicolas Chauvat's avatar Nicolas Chauvat
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[server.querier] improve docstrings and comments

parent c69421aece24
......@@ -37,9 +37,9 @@ from cubicweb.debug import emit_to_debug_channel
from cubicweb.utils import QueryCache, RepeatList
from cubicweb.misc.source_highlight import highlight_terminal
from cubicweb.server.rqlannotation import SQLGenAnnotator, set_qdata
from cubicweb.server.ssplanner import READ_ONLY_RTYPES, add_types_restriction
from cubicweb.server.ssplanner import (READ_ONLY_RTYPES, add_types_restriction,
from cubicweb.server.edition import EditedEntity
from cubicweb.server.ssplanner import SSPlanner
from cubicweb.statsd_logger import statsd_timeit, statsd_c
ETYPE_PYOBJ_MAP[Binary] = 'Bytes'
......@@ -191,13 +191,12 @@ class ExecutionPlan(object):
return result
def preprocess(self, union, security=True):
"""insert security when necessary then annotate rql st for sql generation
return rqlst to actually execute
"""insert security when necessary then annotate rql syntax tree
to prepare sql generation
cached = None
if security and self.cnx.read_security:
# ensure security is turned of when security is inserted,
# ensure security is turned off when security is inserted,
# else we may loop for ever...
if self.cnx.transaction_data.get('security-rqlst-cache'):
key = self.cache_key
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