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[doc/book/admin/setup] forget about easy_install

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......@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@ your system:
- `Installation on Debian/Ubuntu`_
- `Installation in a virtualenv`_
- `Installation with pip`_
- `Installation with easy_install`_
- `Installation from tarball`_
If you are a power-user and need the very latest features, you will
......@@ -32,7 +31,6 @@ and advanced features of |cubicweb|.
.. _`Installation on Debian/Ubuntu`: DebianInstallation_
.. _`Installation in a virtualenv`: VirtualenvInstallation_
.. _`Installation with pip`: PipInstallation_
.. _`Installation with easy_install`: EasyInstallInstallation_
.. _`Installation from tarball`: TarballInstallation_
.. _`Install from version control`: MercurialInstallation_
......@@ -153,41 +151,6 @@ For example, installing the *blog cube* is achieved by::
pip install cubicweb-blog
.. _EasyInstallInstallation:
`easy_install` install
.. note::
If you are not a Windows user and you have a compilation environment, we
recommend you to use the PipInstallation_.
`easy_install`_ is a python utility that helps downloading, installing, and
managing python packages and their dependencies.
Install |cubicweb| and its dependencies, run::
easy_install cubicweb
There is also a wide variety of :ref:`cubes <AvailableCubes>`. You can access a
list of available cubes on `PyPI
or at the ` Forge`_.
For example, installing the *blog cube* is achieved by::
easy_install cubicweb-blog
.. note::
If you encounter problem with :ref:`cubes <AvailableCubes>` installation,
consider using :ref:`PipInstallation` which is more stable
but can not installed pre-compiled binaries.
.. _`easy_install`:
.. _SourceInstallation:
Install from source
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