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3.27 (31 January 2020)
New features
The big highlights of this release are:
- CubicWeb now requires **python >=3.6**
- a new dynamic database connections pooler to replace the old static one
- a big upgrade in our CI workflow both for tests and documentations
- RDF generations when rdf mimetype in Accept HTTP headers
- rql resultset now stores selections variables names for RQL select queries, this will allow to build better tools
- the class cubicweb.view.EntityAdapter was moved to cubicweb.entity.EntityAdapter
a deprecation warning is in place, but please update your source code accordingly.
- [pyramid]`has_cw_permission` pyramid predicates added for routes and view
- The database pooler is now dynamic. New connections are opened when needed and closed after a configurable period of time. This can be configured through `connections-pooler-max-size` (default 0, unlimited), `connections-pooler-min-size` (default 0), and `connections-pooler-idle-timeout` (default 600 seconds). The old configuration `connections-pooler-size` has been dropped.
- The support for plpython has been dropped.
- [pyramid-debugtoolbar] make SQL and RQL tables sortable
- [RQL]Resulset now stores selected variables for RQL select queries
- pyramid: add routes /{eid} and /{etype}/{eid} to return RDF when rdf mimetype in Accept HTTP headers
- entities: simplify rdf generation and add a generic rdf adapter
- web.views: add Link alternate in HTTP response header in HTML view
- CubicWeb now requires python >=3.6
- CI now test Cubicweb against latest unreleased public commits of its dependencies
- CI now rebuilds documentation after tests
- Class cubicweb.view.EntityAdapter was moved to cubicweb.entity.EntityAdapter, a deprecation warning is in place, but please update your source code accordingly
- Support for plpython has been dropped
- `RDFnquadsView` (**Breaking Change**)
- Fix various tests in the CI
- Use SchemaLoader instead of pyfilereader
- [pyramid-debugtoolbar] remove CW controller panel rendering when no controller got collected
- [basecontroller] link tags in the header can only be added on entities
Thanks to our contributors: Simon Chabot, Laurent Peuch, Nicolas Chauvat,
Philippe Pepiot, Élodie Thieblin, François FERRY, Fabien Amarger, Laurent
Wouters, Guillaume Vandevelde.
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