Commit edb86bc0 authored by Denis Laxalde's avatar Denis Laxalde
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[server] Use dict.setdefault() instead of if/else in repo.glob_add_relations()

parent 19aae64c4010
......@@ -923,10 +923,7 @@ class Repository(object):
for subjeid, objeid in eids_subj_obj:
print('ADD relation', subjeid, rtype, objeid)
for subjeid, objeid in eids_subj_obj:
if rtype in relations_by_rtype:
relations_by_rtype[rtype].append((subjeid, objeid))
relations_by_rtype[rtype] = [(subjeid, objeid)]
relations_by_rtype.setdefault(rtype, []).append((subjeid, objeid))
if not activintegrity:
# take care to relation of cardinality '?1', as all eids will
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