Commit e4a5e563 authored by Philippe Pepiot's avatar Philippe Pepiot
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Drop useless ConstraintInsertionTC

This test does nothing and is here from the begining of repo history.

Now it raise an error "TypeError: Skipped expected string as 'msg' parameter, got 'SkipTest' instead. Perhaps you meant to use a mark?"

Just drop it.

branch : 3.26
parent 1b4e32301f14
......@@ -110,12 +110,5 @@ class ValueGeneratorTC(TestCase):
self.assertEqual(self.person_valgen.generate_attribute_value({}, 'description', 12),
class ConstraintInsertionTC(TestCase):
def test_writeme(self):
self.skipTest('Test automatic insertion / Schema Constraints')
if __name__ == '__main__':
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