Commit da3f869a authored by Pierre-Yves David's avatar Pierre-Yves David
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Add a ``schema`` command to cmd ctrl to generate schema image.

This changeset add the new commande and do some refactoring in cwconfig and to allow the use of CubicWebNoAppConfiguration with
parent 410c99a917fa
......@@ -14,12 +14,16 @@ from os import mkdir, chdir, getcwd
from os.path import join, exists, abspath, basename, normpath, split, isdir
from copy import deepcopy
from warnings import warn
from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile
from subprocess import Popen
from logilab.common import STD_BLACKLIST
from logilab.common.modutils import get_module_files
from logilab.common.textutils import splitstrip
from logilab.common.shellutils import ASK
from logilab.common.clcommands import register_commands
from logilab.common.clcommands import register_commands, pop_arg
from yams import schema2dot
from cubicweb.__pkginfo__ import version as cubicwebversion
from cubicweb import CW_SOFTWARE_ROOT as BASEDIR, BadCommandUsage
......@@ -35,15 +39,10 @@ class DevCubeConfiguration(ServerConfiguration, WebConfiguration):
cubicweb_appobject_path = ServerConfiguration.cubicweb_appobject_path | WebConfiguration.cubicweb_appobject_path
cube_appobject_path = ServerConfiguration.cube_appobject_path | WebConfiguration.cube_appobject_path
def __init__(self, cube):
super(DevCubeConfiguration, self).__init__(cube)
if cube is None:
self._cubes = ()
self._cubes = self.reorder_cubes(self.expand_cubes(self.my_cubes(cube)))
def my_cubes(self, cube):
return (cube,) + self.cube_dependencies(cube) + self.cube_recommends(cube)
def __init__(self, *cubes):
super(DevCubeConfiguration, self).__init__(cubes[0])
self._cubes = self.reorder_cubes(self.expand_cubes(cubes,
def apphome(self):
......@@ -61,9 +60,6 @@ class DevDepConfiguration(DevCubeConfiguration):
to filter out message ids from cubicweb and dependencies of a cube
def my_cubes(self, cube):
return self.cube_dependencies(cube) + self.cube_recommends(cube)
def default_log_file(self):
return None
......@@ -624,9 +620,42 @@ class ExamineLogCommand(Command):
for clocktime, cputime, occ, rql in stat:
print '%.2f;%.2f;%.2f;%s;%s' % (clocktime/total_time, clocktime, cputime, occ, rql)
class GenerateSchema(Command):
"""Generate schema image for the given cube"""
name = "schema"
arguments = '<cube>'
options = [('output-file', {'type':'file', 'default': None,
'metavar': '<file>', 'short':'o', 'help':'output image file',
('viewer', {'type': 'string', 'default':None,
'short': "w", 'metavar':'<cmd>',
'help':'command use to view the generated file (empty for none)'}
def run(self, args):
from logilab.common.textutils import splitstrip
cubes = splitstrip(pop_arg(args, 1))
dev_conf = DevCubeConfiguration(*cubes)
schema = dev_conf.load_schema()
out, viewer = self['output-file'], self['viewer']
if out is None:
tmp_file = NamedTemporaryFile(suffix=".svg")
out =
schema2dot.schema2dot(schema, out,
if viewer:
p = Popen((viewer, out))
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