Commit d5c2ec0e authored by Laurent Wouters's avatar Laurent Wouters
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[utils] Fixed issue in clearing QueryCache

When trying to add an item in a full QueryCache, the cache tries to make room.
It tries to list and remove non-permanent items with a transient counter (number
 of times it has been requested). However, there is a pathological case where
items could be non-permanent but still not have a transient counter because they
were added, but never requested. In some cases, the full cache could be flushed,
 including the permanent items.
This changeset attempts to fix this issue by only dropping the non-permanent
items that did not hav a transient counter.
parent 0d474f888f4a
......@@ -109,6 +109,26 @@ class TestQueryCache(TestCase):
'itemcount': 10,
'permanentcount': 5})
def test_clear_on_overflow(self):
"""Tests that only non-permanent items in the cache are wiped-out on ceiling overflow
c = QueryCache(ceiling=10)
# set 10 values
for x in range(10):
c[x] = x
# arrange for the first 5 to be permanent
for x in range(5):
for r in range(QueryCache._maxlevel + 2):
v = c[x]
self.assertEqual(v, x)
# Add the 11-th
c[10] = 10
{'transientcount': 0,
'itemcount': 6,
'permanentcount': 5})
class UStringIOTC(TestCase):
def test_boolean_value(self):
......@@ -684,10 +684,20 @@ class QueryCache(object):
level = v
# we removed cruft but everything is permanent
# we removed cruft
if len(self._data) >= self._max:
logger.warning('Cache %s is full.' % id(self))
if len(self._permanent) >= self._max:
# we really are full with permanents => clear
logger.warning('Cache %s is full.' % id(self))
# pathological case where _transient was probably empty ...
# drop all non-permanents
to_drop = set(self._data.keys()).difference(self._permanent)
for k in to_drop:
# should not be in _transient
assert k not in self._transient
self._data.pop(k, None)
def _usage_report(self):
with self._lock:
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