Commit d026ca9d authored by Sylvain Thénault's avatar Sylvain Thénault
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[entity] fix .complete so we don't crash on missing mandatory relation. Also...

[entity] fix .complete so we don't crash on missing mandatory relation. Also simplify code. Closes #1058267
parent 7947b1af2e82
......@@ -640,15 +640,11 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
targets = rschema.objects(self.e_schema)
if len(targets) > 1:
# ambigous relations, the querier doesn't handle
# outer join correctly in this case
if rschema.inlined:
matching_groups = self._cw.user.matching_groups
rdef = rschema.rdef(self.e_schema, targets[0])
if matching_groups(rdef.get_groups('read')) and \
all(matching_groups(e.get_groups('read')) for e in targets):
if all(matching_groups(e.get_groups('read')) and
rschema.rdef(self.e_schema, e).get_groups('read')
for e in targets):
yield rschema, 'subject'
def _cw_to_complete_attributes(self, skip_bytes=True, skip_pwd=True):
......@@ -701,22 +697,16 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
rtype = rschema.type
if self.cw_relation_cached(rtype, role):
# at this point we suppose that:
# * this is a inlined relation
# * entity (self) is the subject
# * user has read perm on the relation and on the target entity
assert rschema.inlined
assert role == 'subject'
var =
targettype = rschema.targets(self.e_schema, role)[0]
rdef = rschema.role_rdef(self.e_schema, targettype, role)
card = rdef.role_cardinality(role)
assert card in '1?', '%s %s %s %s' % (self.e_schema, rtype,
role, card)
if role == 'subject':
if card == '1':
rql.append('%s %s %s' % (V, rtype, var))
rql.append('%s %s %s?' % (V, rtype, var))
if card == '1':
rql.append('%s %s %s' % (var, rtype, V))
rql.append('%s? %s %s' % (var, rtype, V))
# keep outer join anyway, we don't want .complete to crash on
# missing mandatory relation (see #1058267)
rql.append('%s %s %s?' % (V, rtype, var))
selected.append(((rtype, role), var))
if selected:
# select V, we need it as the left most selected variable
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