Commit cfe42595 authored by Yann Voté's avatar Yann Voté
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[migration] Only drop moved table entities if it does not exists

For very old instances (namely docaster), this table has never been created.

branch : 3.25
parent cd940ebefc4e
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ for eid, etype, encoded_extid in sql(
sql('UPDATE cw_{} SET cw_cwuri=%(cwuri)s WHERE cw_eid=%(eid)s'.format(etype),
{'eid': eid, 'cwuri': b64decode(encoded_extid)})
sql('DROP TABLE moved_entities')
sql('DROP TABLE IF EXISTS moved_entities')
sql('ALTER TABLE entities DROP COLUMN asource')
sql('ALTER TABLE entities DROP COLUMN extid')
sql('DROP INDEX entities_type_idx')
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