Commit c71b8053 authored by Laurent Peuch's avatar Laurent Peuch
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[debug-toolbar/display_source_code] add helper to render link to source file

Closes #17256791
parent 70597b447fb7
......@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@ Debug view for pyramid debug toolbar and others to help development
import os
import logging
import inspect
from pyramid.response import Response
from mako.template import Template
......@@ -32,6 +34,35 @@ from cubicweb.misc.source_highlight import highlight_html, generate_css, has_pyg
DEBUG_DISPLAY_SOURCE_CODE_PATH = '_debug_display_source_code'
def source_code_url(object_or_class):
if object_or_class is None:
return ""
if not inspect.isclass(object_or_class):
object_or_class = object_or_class.__class__
file_path = inspect.getsourcefile(object_or_class)
except TypeError:
logging.debug("Error while trying to source code of '%s'" % object_or_class)
return ""
source_code, line = inspect.getsourcelines(object_or_class)
except OSError: # when we couldn't read the source code/line
return '<a href="../%s?file=%s" target="_blank">&lt;&gt;</a>' % (
# step back a bit so we have a bit of top padding wen displaying the page
# and the highlighted line isn't glued to top of the browser window
line_anchor = max(0, line - 10)
return '<a href="../%s?file=%s&line=%s&end=%s#line-%s" target="_blank">&lt;&gt;</a>' % (
DEBUG_DISPLAY_SOURCE_CODE_PATH, file_path, line, line + len(source_code), line_anchor
def debug_display_source_code(request):
This view display a python source file content for making debugging easier.
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