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......@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@ Set-up of a *CubicWeb* environment
You can `configure the database`_ system of your choice:
- `PostgreSQL configuration`_
- `SQLServer configuration`_
- `SQLite configuration`_
For advanced features, have a look to:
......@@ -17,7 +16,6 @@ For advanced features, have a look to:
.. _`configure the database`: DatabaseInstallation_
.. _`PostgreSQL configuration`: PostgresqlConfiguration_
.. _`SQLServer configuration`: SQLServerConfiguration_
.. _`SQLite configuration`: SQLiteConfiguration_
.. _`Cubicweb resources configuration`: RessourcesConfiguration_
......@@ -39,7 +37,7 @@ Databases configuration
Each instance can be configured with its own database connection information,
that will be stored in the instance's :file:`sources` file. The database to use
will be chosen when creating the instance. CubicWeb is known to run with
Postgresql (recommended), SQLServer and SQLite.
Postgresql (recommended) and SQLite.
Other possible sources of data include CubicWeb, LDAP and Mercurial,
but at least one relational database is required for CubicWeb to work. You do
......@@ -165,46 +163,6 @@ Where `pgadmin` is a postgres superuser. The last command is necessary since by
default plpython is an 'untrusted' language and as such can't be used by non
superuser. This update fix that problem by making it trusted.
.. _SQLServerConfiguration:
As of this writing, support for SQLServer 2005 is functional but incomplete. You
should be able to connect, create a database and go quite far, but some of the
SQL generated from RQL queries is still currently not accepted by the
backend. Porting to SQLServer 2008 is also an item on the backlog.
The `source` configuration file may look like this (specific parts only are
# database password not needed
#db-create/init may ask for a pwd: just say anything
You need to change the default settings on the database by running::
The ALTER DATABASE command above requires some permissions that your
user may not have. In that case you will have to ask your local DBA to
run the query for you.
You can check that the setting is correct by running the following
query which must return '1'::
SELECT is_read_committed_snapshot_on
FROM sys.databases WHERE name='<databasename>';
.. _SQLiteConfiguration:
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