Commit c06da535 authored by Sylvain Thénault's avatar Sylvain Thénault
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[bfss] fix file update to ensure file's content is available on the fs asap...

and not only at commit time. So it's consistent with entity creation behaviour.

The new file is created at assignement time and removed if the commit is

branch : stable
parent a02129508378
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ class BytesFileSystemStorage(Storage):
fpath = source.binary_to_str(value)
return Binary(file(fpath).read())
return Binary(file(fpath, 'rb').read())
except OSError, ex:
source.critical("can't open %s: %s", value, ex)
return None
......@@ -114,28 +114,50 @@ class BytesFileSystemStorage(Storage):
def entity_added(self, entity, attr):
"""an entity using this storage for attr has been added"""
if entity._cw.transaction_data.get('fs_importing'):
binary = Binary(file(entity[attr].getvalue()).read())
binary = Binary(file(entity[attr].getvalue(), 'rb').read())
binary = entity.pop(attr)
fpath = self.new_fs_path(entity, attr)
# bytes storage used to store file's path
entity[attr] = Binary(fpath)
file(fpath, 'w').write(binary.getvalue())
file(fpath, 'wb').write(binary.getvalue())
hook.set_operation(entity._cw, 'bfss_added', fpath, AddFileOp)
return binary
def entity_updated(self, entity, attr):
"""an entity using this storage for attr has been updatded"""
# get the name of the previous file containing the value
oldpath = self.current_fs_path(entity, attr)
if entity._cw.transaction_data.get('fs_importing'):
# If we are importing from the filesystem, the file already exists.
# We do not need to create it but we need to fetch the content of
# the file as the actual content of the attribute
fpath = entity[attr].getvalue()
binary = Binary(file(fpath).read())
binary = Binary(file(fpath, 'rb').read())
# We must store the content of the attributes
# into a file to stay consistent with the behaviour of entity_add.
# Moreover, the BytesFileSystemStorage expects to be able to
# retrieve the current value of the attribute at anytime by reading
# the file on disk. To be able to rollback things, use a new file
# and keep the old one that will be removed on commit if everything
# went ok.
# fetch the current attribute value in memory
binary = entity.pop(attr)
# Get filename for it
fpath = self.new_fs_path(entity, attr)
UpdateFileOp(entity._cw, filepath=fpath, filedata=binary.getvalue())
assert not osp.exists(fpath)
# write attribute value on disk
file(fpath, 'wb').write(binary.getvalue())
# Mark the new file as added during the transaction.
# The file will be removed on rollback
hook.set_operation(entity._cw, 'bfss_added', fpath, AddFileOp)
if oldpath != fpath:
# register the new location for the file.
entity[attr] = Binary(fpath)
# Mark the old file as useless so the file will be removed at
# commit.
hook.set_operation(entity._cw, 'bfss_deleted', oldpath,
return binary
......@@ -200,10 +222,3 @@ class DeleteFileOp(hook.Operation):
except Exception, ex:
self.error('cant remove %s: %s' % (filepath, ex))
class UpdateFileOp(hook.Operation):
def precommit_event(self):
file(self.filepath, 'w').write(self.filedata)
except Exception, ex:
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