Commit be70bd4b authored by Sylvain Thénault's avatar Sylvain Thénault
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[entity] use role instead of x

branch : 3.5
parent db2fb2907389
......@@ -182,15 +182,15 @@ class Entity(AppObject, dict):
setattr(cls, rschema.type, Attribute(rschema.type))
mixins = []
for rschema, _, x in eschema.relation_definitions():
if (rschema, x) in MI_REL_TRIGGERS:
mixin = MI_REL_TRIGGERS[(rschema, x)]
for rschema, _, role in eschema.relation_definitions():
if (rschema, role) in MI_REL_TRIGGERS:
mixin = MI_REL_TRIGGERS[(rschema, role)]
if not (issubclass(cls, mixin) or mixin in mixins): # already mixed ?
for iface in getattr(mixin, '__implements__', ()):
if not interface.implements(cls, iface):
interface.extend(cls, iface)
if x == 'subject':
if role == 'subject':
setattr(cls, rschema.type, SubjectRelation(rschema))
attr = 'reverse_%s' % rschema.type
......@@ -615,14 +615,14 @@ class Entity(AppObject, dict):
self[str(selected[i-1][0])] = rset[i]
# handle relations
for i in xrange(lastattr, len(rset)):
rtype, x = selected[i-1][0]
rtype, role = selected[i-1][0]
value = rset[i]
if value is None:
rrset = ResultSet([], rql, {'x': self.eid})
rrset = self.req.eid_rset(value)
self.set_related_cache(rtype, x, rrset)
self.set_related_cache(rtype, role, rrset)
def get_value(self, name):
"""get value for the attribute relation <name>, query the repository
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